fluid ink letterpress

Letterpress is fine, unique, and it has soul.

It is the graphic design equivalent of slow food - incredibly labour intensive and demanding of skill and patience.When you discover a letterpress piece, there’s something different about it. It was touched by human hands, it is tactile, you can see and feel the indentation the letters and ink leave in the paper and you will fall in love with its quality.

We produce goods of quality, great design, creativity, uniqueness and sustainability

Our Letterpress items are printed by hand in Perth Western Australia, using our Old style Chandler and Price ('The Admiral') built in 1913 and sometimes the little lady, a Golding Pearl #3 (‘Mavis’) built in 1893, gets a work out! Please keep coming back to check out our new editions of: letterpress save the date cards, letterpress wedding invitations, letterpress greeting cards, letterpress party invitations and more!